Awww, diddums

Army special forces units are operating in a republican dissident stronghold of Northern Ireland, it was alleged tonight.

Republican Sinn Féin, political allies of the Continuity IRA, have claimed masked undercover soldiers have been carrying out surveillance on two housing estates in Lurgan, County Armagh in recent weeks.

They claimed the men were scouting the areas in white civilian vans. Republican Sinn Féin said the soldiers belong to the Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

Gosh, how awful!

On 10 March 2009 the CIRA claimed responsibility for the fatal shooting of a PSNI officer in Craigavon, County Armagh, the first police fatality in Northern Ireland since 1998. The officer was shot dead by a sniper as he and a colleague investigated \”suspicious activity\” at a house nearby when a window was smashed by youths causing the occupant to phone the police. The PSNI officers responded to the emergency call giving a CIRA sniper the opportunity to shoot and kill PC Stephen Carroll.

The idea that terrorists might be investigated. Just what is the world coming to, eh?

2 thoughts on “Awww, diddums”

  1. Its a ruddy disgrace, I tel you. What with St Gerry now being touted by Channel 4, I am shocked that this sort of harrasment should be allowed at all.

  2. The bogtrotters have always had that special air of self-righteous grievance-mongering that the more unappealing Mohammedans possess.

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