Blimey, what a surprise!

DOCTORS have uncovered the first evidence that fathers of test-tube babies may be passing on their infertility to their sons.

Genetically based problem passed on through genes. That\’ll have the evolutionists perplexed, eh?

8 thoughts on “Blimey, what a surprise!”

  1. Perhaps a variation of the old “If you don’t have children the chances are your kids won’t either?”

    A number of school playground jeers and epithets spring to mind.

  2. View from the Solent

    Excellent news! That should mean that the funding for my planned paper will be forthcoming. It’s provisional title – Investigation into the defecatory habits of bears, with particular reference to arboreal environments.

  3. Tim, I’m not sure it’s as obvious as you and the previous commentators assume. The strange truth is that every single one of these “infertile fathers” was conceived naturally by a father who was, by definition, fertile. So it is not logical to assume that the infertility must be passed on genetically. The fact that there is some evidence that it may be (though we don’t yet know for sure, they’ve only noted a proxy for infertility) is actually new and interesting.

  4. Judge: fertility is not binary, the fathers of the infertile fathers can therefore be less fertile than fathers of other people …

  5. Emil – I agree that it’s not binary, but I didn’t say it was. I said it wasn’t obviously genetically determined, as Tim and his commentators seem to imply. The new research suggests, but doesn’t prove, that there is a genetic factor. I only pointed out that this is indeed new and interesting!

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