Cretins, cretins, all around us and not a one to think

As you will know, you well informed people you, the government provides different levels of subsidy for different renewable/non CO2 polluting technologies. What you might not realise is that they are cretins for doing so:

Ms Thompson said: “We are not confident that the [subsidy] regime for what is one of the cheapest forms of renewable energy will support operat- ing the biomass unit at full load. The UK is missing out massively on the potential for renewable energy from biomass. We want to run in a lowcarbon way but policy is against us.”

She accused the Department of Energy and Climate Change of lacking the skills to develop a successful biomass policy and focusing too heavily on expensive and unreliable wind turbines. “I think they simply have not put enough expertise into biomass. Wind is not a silver bullet; its benefits have been overstated.”

Ms Thompson said that the Government was holding back biomass by offering it only a quarter of the subsidy given to offshore wind farms and capping the amount of crops that can be burnt in coal-fired power stations.

She said that it was cheaper for Drax to pay for emissions permits to burn coal, the most polluting fossil fuel, than to switch to biomass.

Here are the subsidies on offer to the different technologies. Tuppence a unit for biomass, 5 to ten pence for large scale wind.

Let us run through the logic here. We have limited resources: as the scale of the government\’s borrowing figures show. Consumers also have limited resources with which to pay for these mandated electricity prices. We also wish to reduce CO2 emissions because, well, we\’d rather not drown or boil Gaia.

So, what have we got imposed upon us? A system which deliberately decides to splurge our scarce resources on hte most expensive manner of reducing CO2 emissions.

Yes, really, those who rule us have decided that we should do things in the most expensive manner possible. Ensuring, as best they are able, that we are made poorer than we need be.

No, I don\’t think that the Boy Dave\’s lot are going to be any better at this: but please, please, I beseech you in the Bowels of Christ, could we at least consider the possibility of having adults doing the thinking for us on such matters?

1 thought on “Cretins, cretins, all around us and not a one to think”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    This seems quite reasonable to me; after all one of the major costs power generation imposes on the community at large is the affront to the feelings of the self-appointed keepers of Gaia.

    So politically incorrect power sources should be taxed to reward the ideologically-sound, to correct for these externalities.

    Windmills are GOOD, biomass is good, hydro-electric power is bad, and nuclear power is BAD. Hence the subsidy regime.

    Any resemblance between this and any possible benefits to the environment is purely coincidental.

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