Day release kid at The Observer

And writing the editorials too:

There are many excellent reasons to effect the transition to a low-carbon economy: cleaner air, economic independence from oil-exporting states, cheaper energy….

Jebus, if low carbon energy were in fact cheaper then we wouldn\’t be having a problem, would we? We could do away with cap and trade, carbon taxes, subsidies and feed in tariffs and just stand back as the market covered the country with windmills and the roof space of the nation with solar cells.

It is precisely because low carbon energy is *more expensive* than fossil fuel that we actually have a problem in the first place.

I would ask \”Don\’t These People Have Editors?\” but sadly the editorials are actually written by them.

1 thought on “Day release kid at The Observer”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    “Don’t these people have the brains of a turnip?” is perhaps a more pertinent question.

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