Financial professionals question…..

Any of my readers involved with AIM? Are perhaps a NOMAD?

We\’re in the throes of thinking that the time might be right to take the next step with the metals business. At present it\’s tiny, but there have been a number of political and technological* developments meaning that this might be a very good time to raise some cash and build an extraction plant.

The aim (umm, sorry) would be to get in the £8 million to £15 million range (tiny for mining, large for other industries) to build the pilot plant.

Any ideas anyone?

* China limiting rare earths exports, new technology for extracting rare earths and scandium, greater environmental concerns about mining pollution and new uses for scandium in volume.

4 thoughts on “Financial professionals question…..”

  1. Do you really want the scrutiny and hassle of AIM? I’d have thought a private funding deal with some hedgies would be better.

  2. can you build a credible business plan? If noit, even AIM is out of the question. you need a VCT company such as 3I….sorry VCT is so 80s…I mean”private equity” boo hiss. But if you had a good plan, i would stump up something because this area is a racing cert.

  3. VC or an equity stake from a mining corp (best bet).

    I am not a banker – or even a financial professional, just sticking my oar in.

    Engage a banker.

  4. Tim, not to blatantly advertise, but I work for a national UK law firm with a fair bit of AIM/mining experience – if you want a contact for what I am sure would be a no-obligation discussion, let me know and I’ll give you contact details

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