From our favourite retired accountant

And I know that not all his clients will be balancing their books – many of them will borrow, for years at a time.


Sorry? Any company, individual or organisation that has borrowings has not balanced their books?

Are we absolutely certain that this man worked as an accountant?

7 thoughts on “From our favourite retired accountant”

  1. The man is an idiot. We all know this. But worse that mere idiocy, is that his stupidity is such that he cannot comprehend his own intellectual limitations. Thus he thinks he is far far cleverer than he is. Normally someone would be disabused of such notions fairly quickly, but he swims in a very shallow intellectual pool: advising trade unions, working for leftie fake charities, etc. His self-delusion can prosper in such an environment.

    When the rest of the world looks on (increasingly with pity) his reaction is to rail against “right wingers” (a very strong curse in leftie circles) and delete all critical comments from his blog postings. He is unlikely to have comprehended the term “confirmation bias.”

  2. “First class men hire first class men; second class men hire third class men”: and Trade Unions hire …..?

  3. Hi Tim, ‘love the website – ‘read often.

    I read this extract to mean that some of his clients would be balancing the books and others would be borrowing.

    Maybe this time our favourite retired accoutant got it right…?



  4. Rescomania-

    You go out and try getting loans to cover your operating deficit in this economic environment. If you’re anything other than a government or a Fortune 500 company, it ain’t gonna happen.

    Ritchie’s full of it.

  5. Rescomania

    I start a company. On day one I borrow £100 from the bank. I run my Accounts:

    Liabilities: £100 loan
    Assets: £100 cash

    Result my books balance

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