Gosh, this is interesting

That piece I did at CiF has disappeared from the front page.

Yes, yes, I know, as time goes by, they do.

But it\’s gone before its time…..there are older pieces with many fewer comments still up.

I wonder why?

12 thoughts on “Gosh, this is interesting”

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  2. why even bother writing on comment is free…the only readers are fully signed_up members of braincells are free…a more morornic bunch of people has yet to be assembled… They make Sunny Hundal appear to possess educational qualifications

  3. Well, he’s being a brain-dead twat, as usual.

    “If the incidence of the tax charge falls on ordinary people the incidence of the somewhat higher charges that bankers and others make also falls on them”

    That’s like saying that the incidence of the cleaners’ wages falls on ordinary people; it does, because it’s an expense of the bank, and “ordinary people” – ie, customers – are ultimately their sole source of income. The point is, of course, that the FTT is intended to take money from the bankers, which “the somewhat higher charges” (and the cleaners’ wages) are not.

    Ritchie fails to shoot himself in the foot because he’s too dim to find it.

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