Hang them

No, don\’t argue.

Just hang them all.

6 thoughts on “Hang them”

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  2. He said: “One of the understandable concerns we have heard from people is that they could be barred for private interests like pornography, or liking a drink. That isn’t the case.

    “We only look at these risk factors if relevant conduct [actual harm] or a risk of harm has been identified.”

    Mr McAllister said he expected the “vast majority” of its cases to involve incidents where actual risk or harm has occurred, based on evidence such as a police caution, “rather than cases based on a feeling or suspicion”.

    People who are KNOWN to fancy a bit of pornography or a drink not being barred??
    Is the man an idiot? Of course they’ll be banned and reported and ….Everything always gets g(u)ilt edged by empire-building, unelected, prurient-minded, jobsworth noseyparkers.

  3. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Quite, Nick Luke.

    There’s a reason he said that. The reason is, that he’s a lying piece of 5h1t.

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