How to increase the gender pay gap

A massive extension of maternity leave across Europe was last night voted for by the Womens’ Rights Committee of the European Parliament to make it compulsory for employers to pay mothers for a minimum of 20 weeks on full pay.

You couldn\’t find a better way to do it really.

Increase the (potential) cost to employers of hiring women of child bearing age and you\’ll both reduce the number they\’re willing to hire and the wages they\’re willing to offer them.

Well done, eh?

7 thoughts on “How to increase the gender pay gap”

  1. Next up will be a mandate that the proportion of employees who are women of child bearing age must equal that of the population as a whole.

  2. Well, if you were smart you could do it differently – if she has a husband/live in, make his employer also foot half the bill for the maternity leave. After all, it’s half his fault.

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