I know, I know, I shouldn\’t say such things but….

A gross violation of human freedoms and so on. Yes, take that as read. However:

Malaysia has caned three women for having extramarital sex,

What we now need to know is did the caner enjoy caning the canees?

And what would be the punishment for such enjoyment of spanking (a mild form of sadism this \’ere internet tells me) women that one is not married to in a properly Muslim country?

Any Koranic scholars wish to tell us whether they should be hung, have a wall dropped on them, buried to the waist and stoned, crucified, what?

5 thoughts on “I know, I know, I shouldn\’t say such things but….”

  1. In a properly Muslim country, the only sex crime that a man is punished for is homosexuality. Everything else is the / a woman’s fault.

    No mention was made of the men with whom the adulterous women allegedly had sex. ”

    Because the only evidence against the men was that of one woman and “A woman counts as half a man in giving evidence in a court of law”.

  2. SE

    So when Mr Z says “I had extramarital sex with Mrs X” that counts as 1 vote against her and she gets a spanking. But when Mrs X says “I had extra marital sex with Mr Z” that only counts as half a vote against him and he gets let off.

    Sh1t! It’s no wonder half of them actively consider blowing themselves up. If I lived in a world that crazy I think I would too.

  3. RM,

    No, when Miss Z says she has been raped, that’s half a vote against her and they’ll get a woman to check that she’s no longer a virgin and that’s another half vote. Adds up to 1 vote and she’s caned, stoned, rotting in prison or simply murdered by her uncles.

    Along the way, mistakenly hoping for some sympathy, she says “Mr Z did it”. That’s half a vote against him. If he says “Wasne me”, that’s a full vote for and he gets let off or, if he is also one of her uncles, gets to join the stoning party.


    You mean ‘caning’ didn’t you? I think even the most jaded English public school survivor would struggle to enjoy canning.

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