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I should have known

Yes, this supermarket price stuff is being run by Felicity Lawrence.

You can comment on it by sending an email to \”[email protected]\”.

I have:

Amazing stuff there.

You mean prices change in response to demand? Businesses act to maximise profits?

You know, if you could formalise this, try to create the basis of a science perhaps, add a bit of logic and rigour to your observations, you really might be able to explain a great deal of the world. After a couple of centuries someone might even institute a Nobel Prize to honour new findings in this field.

Oooopps! Someone already did, back in 1969. A couple of centuries after Adam Smith pointed most of this out in Wealth of Nations.

Do try to keep up with this modern world stuff would you?

No doubt with a little effort you\’ll be able to do better in the gasping open mouthed in admiration stakes than I did. Possibly even be more sarcastic, more cynical.

I do hope so.

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