Is this just me?

Over at LibCon.

The second Abortion Support Network ‘Pro Choice Happy Hour’ will be:
Monday 1 March
7-10 pm

Yes, I know, they\’re having a booze up to raise money for Irish women who come over to have abortions.

Yes, I know, I\’m very out of step on this subject.

But really, \”happy\” and \”abortion\” are simply two words that don\’t strike me as going together well.

I understand, if disagree with, those who say that it\’s making the best of a bad lot, the least bad of available decisions.

But an abortion happy hour?

7 thoughts on “Is this just me?”

  1. I fear that , in their cups ,more unfortunate teenage women will , through no fault of their own, trip up and by an all too common acrobatic mishap land inadvertently on an erect penis having no idea what that might imply.

  2. Very funny clip that. Undermined a little by the fact that he looks like a slightly seedy bank manager who spends most of his time propping up the bar at a golf club.

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