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Anyway, silly names aside, I am still partly reliant on my parents despite being old enough to be one myself, a point that my mother never tires of making. \”You know that you are going to be 30 this year,\” she says. \”When I was your age, I was already paying your school fees.\”

Gosh, my school fees. What a waste of money that was. Here I am, no more a home-owner than I am a trapeze artist or for that matter a circus elephant, one toe clinging desperately to the very bottom rung of the property ladder thanks only to my mother who bought most of the flat that I live in. Last month she had to pay my gas bill.

That\’s Bryony Gordon. Who has a pretty good job with The Telegraph. In house columnist sort of thing.

We might take one (or even both) of two conclusions here.

Either the Telegraph pays really badly or Ms. Gordon isn\’t the greatest money manager in the world.

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  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    We can also infer, I think, that she is a whining crybaby with a hypertrophied sense of entitlement.

  2. Yes, both conclusions may well be true, but there is another possibility, that house prices in London (and the SE of England generally) are far too high.

  3. Or else, possibly, she believes it’s only possible to live in really smart fashionable areas of the most expensive city in Western Europe.

    I could show her parts of Glasgow where her monthly mortgage payment would probably buy a whole flat outright.

    OK, not such pleasant places to be, of course, but there will be a happy medium somewhere.

    Oh, and I second Brian’s comment.

  4. My dear wife enquired over breakfast “Why does the Telegraph employ her?” I suggested that it’s because either (1) At least she’s better than all-but-one of the mummy-journalists they employ, or (2) She’s family.

  5. That is amazing , I always find the “spread a little sunshine ” spot a bit tiresome but she is better than Victoria Coren who was obviously a part crazed Hermione type .
    They all are really.Its rather funny reading ultra competitiors pretending to be likeable slackers .

  6. From Google “She’s been replaced by Bryony Gordon, daughter of Sunday Mirror columnist Jane Gordon….”.
    So the explanation is (2): she’s family.

  7. I know London house prices are high, but you can still live in a perfectly good flat for £100/week. I assume she gets at least £500 a week after tax from the Telegraph (is that all she does the column or is there more?)

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