Lenin can be amusing

Lenin (he of the Tomb) is getting all excited about something called the \”Right to Work\” campaign.

I\’m just wondering if he knows where the phrase actually comes from?

\”Right to Work\” laws in the US are the ones which restrict union power. It\’s shorthand for those States which insist that there can be no compulsory union membership nor closed shops. You have a right to work whatever the union might have to say about it.

I have a feeling that this isn\’t what Lenin means by right to work….which is what causes the amusement at this end of the blogospherey thing.

1 thought on “Lenin can be amusing”

  1. Whatever the origin of the phrase- there already is a right to work. There are any number of voluntary organisations crying out for (unpaid) workers- and anyone really desperate can have work cleaning my house.
    Of course what is actually being requested is money and status- the job is just a means of getting it.
    So why don’t we grant a right to work by means of workfare- give the unemployed work to do if they want benefits, then they’ll get the same money and a bit more status.

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