Not quite great great grandmother

But nearly:

A tale of drink-sodden debauchery between passengers and crew is revealed in the journal of a junior officer on an emigrant ship to Australia more than 170 years ago.

James Bell sailed on the Planter, which left Deptford, southeast London, on the five-month journey to Adelaide in November 1838. “With all this whoring and drunkenness,” he wrote, “it is amazing this ship ever arrived in Australia.”

Bell told how his captain seduced two of the 11 daughters of a Liverpool doctor named McGowan and that a gang of prostitutes made the voyage.

Different ship and about a decade later that ggg mater made the trip. A couple of decades later she was one of the first people to emigrate from Australia while her sisters and brother (and presumably all of their by now multitudinous descendants) stayed behind.

Proof of my claim to be from that part of the family with taste.

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