Now here\’s a coincidence

I am directed to this piece in Vanity Fair by James Verini. The piece and the direction coming from James you understand.

A very good piece about Matt Taibbi and Mark Ames of the eXile, the newspaper in Moscow which has just closed. Or been closed by the authorities perhaps.

The coincidence being that James is a reader here and thought I might like the piece. Not realising that I have some history here. For example, I once wrote up a couple of pieces on spec and interviewd (by phone it has to be said, I never to my knowledge ever met either of them) to be a business writer on the eXile. They never did go ahead with the planned expansion….oh well.

Paul Tatum, just about the only foreigner who got shot in the \”business wars\”…I did meet him, indeed, both he and the man who had him shot (allegedly, of course) were customers of my wife\’s newspaper import business.

A purely personal opinion, I thought some of the stuff Taibbi did for the eXile were much better than what he does for Rolling Stone now. Ames is no slouch when it comes to the writing, or at least he can be so.

I just find the coincidence amusing that\’s all, that I get directed to a piece just because I might enjoy it and yet it\’s describing a place and time that I remember all too clearly.

1 thought on “Now here\’s a coincidence”

  1. Cheers for that, Tim (and James, if he’s reading). Really interesting piece.

    One question, though…

    …it’s describing a place and time that I remember all too clearly.

    Not…Not the pie?

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