On Labour\’s new slogans

Mr Brown will tomorrow (SAT) launch Labour’s election slogans for the general election, still pencilled in for May 6. They are: “Ensuring the recovery”; “Protecting frontline services”; “Standing up for the many”; and “Protecting future jobs and new industries.”

Protecting future jobs and industries?

What is the Prime Mentalist gibbering on about?

1) Logic: as they don\’t exist yet they cannot be protected. They must be created, see?

2) Economics: the new jobs and industries, by definition, come from entreprenurial activity. Anyone who thinkks that such come from government intervention, from subsidies to this or that extant industry, seriously needs their head examined. Such things are, by their very nature, impossible to plan for. \’Coz they\’re new discoveries about the way resources can be fitted together, new technologies, new consumer demands being discovered. In order to be able to plan for them you\’ve got to already know of their existence which, umm, means they ain\’t new, don\’ it?

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  1. In fairness, one could interpret the statement as promising his support for protection (tariffs, etc.) of startups–the old (and misguided, in my view) “infant industry” argument for protective tariffs, subsidies, etc. The policies aren’t effective but that says nothing about whether his utterances are “gibbering” or not. Very serious people–ordinarily thought of as quite sensible–have supported any number of disastrous policies in the past (and shall likely do so in the future).

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