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On the Falklands, Argentina and oil

Just a little musing on this.

We know that there is such a thing as the resource curse. We also know that such curse is worse the more dysfunctional the State that the resource is adminstered by.

Yes, the resource curse can indeed actually make things worse, not better, for the general population despite the influx of cash that the resource brings.

It is at least arguable that Argentina is a sufficiently dysfunctional state that an oil boom would be worse for it than no oil boom.

It is therefore our duty to keep the Falklands oil fields out of the hands of the Argentine State.

Purely for the benefit of the Argentines themselves, you understand.

1 thought on “On the Falklands, Argentina and oil”

  1. Argentina already has both oil and natural gas, albeit not in Saudi quantities. They don’t seem to have done them much good. They certainly shouldn’t have any more.

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