Power 2010

OK folks, get on with this democracy thing.

So, what would you like added to our democracy?

Me, I\’m going for the currently number 6 one, English votes on English laws. Of course, I go further than they propose, insisting that Frogs, Wops, Dagoes, Portugee and Krauts should also be barred from voting on what laws should apply in England, not just sheepshaggers, haggis hunters and Taigs.

Thus we need not just an English Parliament but an end to the EU….but I\’m sure that there will be other issues there which require less slagging off of our fellow Europeans and Brits, perhaps even issues that you feel you might like to support.

So, please go here, log in, vote, etc.

7 thoughts on “Power 2010”

  1. End to the EU ain’t on there, is it though? I think I voted NoID and Right to Recall.

    BTW – we don’t need an English parliament – we need fewer politicians not more. What we need, if devolution is here to stay is devolution to the nationally elected MPs (and drop the MSPs, AMs and MLPs – into shark infested waters, ideally). I would go for directly elected Heads of Government as well – UK, England, Scotland, Wales and NI, with appointed Ministers (who must not be MPs). That would give us a chance of a Parliament that could hold the Executive to account rather than the bunch of supine time-to-serve-until-frontbenchers we have at the moment.

  2. Er, Tim.

    I know you like to be provocative. But “Taig” may be going to far.

    I grew up near Liverpool. If you called an Irish-descent Catholic a “taig”, that was pretty serious. We’re talking about using the word “nigger” against black people level.

    Saying “Taig” in Ulster could get you shot, if you said it the wrong person.

    Judging from “hagis”, “sheepshaggers” etc, my guess is you’re trying to be provocative not borderline racist. Just thought I’d flag this one for you, not to be a tit but because I doubt you’d use the N word for black people or call an Indian person a “paki”.

    Tim adds: I understand the meaning: I’m simply reclaiming the word as other do in such organisations as “Queer Nation” etc. Being a Catholic (very failed but still) of N. Irish descent (sufficiently recent that I’m still eligible for Eire citizenship) if they’re allowed to use such words in such a sense then I’m allowed to do so, no?

  3. Won’t be long ’til the Euro crashes and the EU frags, so keep yer pocket full of pounds, lads, and be sure to vote Conservative when Broon lets you.

    You’ll have outlasted the bloody Euro Union, and more power to you. Rule Britannia. Here’s to the special relationship, cousins. Two nations divided by a common language, etc etc.

    I’m hoisting the Union Jack in Dallas right about now, celebrating sensible conservatism wherever I find it. Good on ya tim.

  4. Right to Recall for me. Excellent idea. Seems to me an MP gets more out of currying favour in Parliament than he/she does working to represent their constituency.

    Turn that around, and all the other ideas on that list become a lot more attainable.

  5. I emailed power 2010 about the lack of an EU referendum option. They told me that the focus group that came up with the ideas didn’t think it was one of the top 29 ideas for the UK (after the power 2010 team had carefully “distilled” the original 4200 suggestions from the public down to only 58).

    Strikes me as a bit odd.

    I also think many of the Power 2010 ideas are the sort of thing politicians like Broon would just love. Bill of rights written by the Labour Party anyone? Thought not.

  6. lets have a real referendum on independent Scotland and wales, a referendum where everyone in the country votes, as the word referendum means. If everyone in Briton were allowed to vote then the leach countries would soon get the independence they bleat for and English taxpayers would be better off by more than 20%

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