Some truth in this

The greens claim to understand the dynamics of complex ecosystems better than the rest of humanity; the simplistic assumptions and unrealistic strategies with which they’ve approached the complex ecosystem of international politics don’t provide the dispassionate observer with much evidence in support of this claim.

I would add that their incredibly naive understanding of that very complex of things, an economy, argues the same way.

3 thoughts on “Some truth in this”

  1. In my experience the average “Green” is passionate but ignorant. Hence the “dihydrogen monoxide” japes etc.

  2. the greens want to make life simpler..

    no complex business transactions..

    no interstate/instratste business deals(of any kind)
    life will be simpler for the survivors..

  3. As an aside…
    ‘As the global greens move from the denial stage of the grief process, brace yourself for some eloquent, petulant and arrogant rage. Tears will be shed and hands will be wrung. The world is stupid, uncaring, unworthy to be saved. Horrible Republicans, evil Chinese, demented know-nothing climate skeptics have ruined the world and condemned our grandchildren to lives of sorrow and pain. Messengers will be shot; skeptics will be blamed for asking questions and the media (and the internet) will be blamed for reporting the answers.’ Walter Russel Mead: The American Interest.

    Then, if you have a strong stomach, see an early example of pram-toys-floor syndrome here:

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