Talk to the Lefties

The Papists are having a competition for manifesto policies.

Most fun to drop into the comments on each one and discuss the logic, sense or even connection with reality of them.

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  1. I don’t get it. Again.
    Leftfootforward or whatever, strikes me as a name dreamt up by a junior man Straw, son of a Man Straw etc. as a quirky title for a Labour blog. Or to make it so effen obvious, he thought ‘Leftfootforward’ meant no more than the Labour party has to stand up for it’s own beliefs.
    So, I had a wee look at their website and did not find Catholic views expressed there.
    Perhaps he thinks the name clever and whoever reads that name thinks it is Papist? Vice versa? (deliberatedly, no doubt).
    Maybe it’s because of my Catholic background and the tendency for people to read things that are not there that to proselytise against this obvious nonsense but also to reduce yourself to attacks on Papists because Scottish Labour is deemed Catholic(ergo Scottish Conservatives are Protestants) that I find this offensive.

    As I said, recently, to a customer under similar circumstances: I’m dissappointed.


    Tim adds: Umm, you might be taking the “Papists” gag too far. That’s me playing off my own cathloic background as a joke about their blog name. I’m absolutely certain they’re too clueless to understand it though….

  2. Interesting. And just to think, these are the people who accuse people like me of being childish and simplistic in their economic views.

  3. Gawd(d’ye like that?)this is the type of fuckwit nonsense that survives in my wee country to this day, aided and abetted by those those loons in Northern Ireland who believe that some fucker cut his hand off and threw it towards the shore thus winning what? The portrait shows a Catholic King supported by a Pope saving a Province(A.Feckin.Province.) for the benefit of mankind…

    Papists, Tim?
    Grow up.

    And more:

    I’ve listened to this shit, year in and out for far too long. As long as you think it is funny, as long as others think it is funny, as long as people with the name Neave find it funny(oops!) as long as the ruling party in this country of ours finds it funny when those arseholes try to take out an elected government by blowing up their hotel and we get fellow worshippers, for decades, suggesting that, had that happened the world would be a better place and then you have the fucking audacity to suggest that it is a little humorous to suggest their ‘competition for manifesto policies’!

    Sorry, Old Bean, I do not and never have found it funny. I have told these delusions to their face, in my local pub, that I do not care for their threats and that I will never support their gangsterism and they can try to silence me but to do that will only prove my case.

    Papists? Funniest thing I’ve heard since…


  4. Not sure I follow ‘Papists ‘ but I have tried to entre the debate in a helpful spirit

    social responsibility levy” on bonuses for those salaried over £200,000 annually. He suggested “using the proceeds to create a PAYE Reward Fund

    This is good but it does not get to the heart of the matter . What is really required is a “Good bloke “dividend to be funded by a ‘wanker ‘ tax. In real life is is quite obvious who is a good bloke and who is a wanker . If we want to encourage a better finer and more moral man simply transfer funds from the worse to the better .
    I should imagine the legislation would be easily drafted , well more easily than the Bonus tax and PAYE fund , anyway. As for judging the worth of this or that individual this is surely a simple matter for the department of Good Bloke/ Wanker designation . We must be bold !

    At risk, children -. I suggest roving vans with audio equipollent so as the mention of Golly wog or a dolly brings masked SAS squads crashing though the windows to rescue the poor mite from the clumsy amateur parenting of a section of society who often have no previous experience whatsoever.So called “Parents “!

    What about a group representing future tax payers having a veto on Policy designed to steal their money or the purposes of buying a General Election ?

    On Flexi time -simply employ more State employees but make their time so flexible it requires no work at all . This will raise demand and ensure a gushing stream of prosperity as if by magic .Its counter intuitive I know but ‘Keynes ‘

    Why stop at global levy we need a thorough -going Global government comprising a single state from which no money can escape and no action be apart. This way lies utopia .As for taxing financial transactions better still to outlaw them and leave the dispersal of funds to the Global State.

    I excited I really am

  5. Ha ha ha ha I love the way the colour code for ‘Public Services For All’ is Red and the one for “Administrative Incompetence ” is blue .

    Judging by the level “Left Foot Forward ” is a little Aide memoire for the hard of walking.

    Great stuff but why Papsists ?

  6. Newmania, in Glasgow (and perhaps elsewhere) “left-footer” is a slang term for a papist, i.e. a Roman Catholic, i.e. a member of the schismatic sect that withdrew from Catholic Christianity in 1054. Hence Tim’s laboured allusion.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – ” a Roman Catholic, i.e. a member of the schismatic sect that withdrew from Catholic Christianity in 1054. ”

    It is interesting to see the religious background of people who post on this site. But given the Roman Catholics make up more or less a majority of the world’s Christians, are you sure you can call them a sect? It is all the rest that are irrelevant in numerical terms.

  8. Ah, but the papists were a minority in 1054, perhaps? Anyway, if you insist I’ll withdraw “sect”, so – a member of the schismatic cult that withdrew from Catholic Christianity in 1054. Better?

  9. “I actually found three things to vote for, graduate tax”

    We have a graduate tax: the Government takes about half of the extra income a graduate earns. It’s called “Income Tax” and “National Insurance”.

  10. We have a graduate tax system here in Australia, Kay Tie. You don’t pay any fees up front but when your income gets to a certain level you start paying extra tax to pay back your fees. The debt is index-linked. Seems perfectly reasonable, the user pays if the user benefits but the taxpayer takes an element of risk to support the development of people in society. MrsBud is currently paying back her fees through tax and one of the offspring is paying back his fees as he seeks to become DocBud Jr. (I went from sleeping with a student to sleeping with a granny in less than two months).

    But on the income tax front, I agree, we pay far too much to fund things we don’t want or need. Kevin Rudd for starters.

  11. “You don’t pay any fees up front but when your income gets to a certain level you start paying extra tax to pay back your fees. The debt is index-linked.”

    That’s not a graduate tax, that’s a repayment schedule for a loan. We have that here in the UK already, in almost exactly the same way.

    A graduate tax as proposed by lefties is that graduates pay a higher rate of income tax forever, just because they are graduates.

  12. Sorry, Kay Tie. That is such a bad and unjust idea it never even occurred to me that someone would consider it to be a serious option. You’d think by the age of 50 that I’d have learnt that the left has no limits as to the depths to which it will sink when devising ways to relieve other people of their money.

    I’m sure it has already crossed someone’s mind that graduates mooching off the taxpayer wouldn’t have to pay the graduate tax because of the magnanimous scarifice they are already making for the public good.

    Tim adds: Aye, there is already talk that those going into “public service” should have either the interest or some of the capital on their student loans written off.

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