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So, new PC \’n\’ all.

Everything on it should work rather than the jury rigged box I did have.

So, how come I cannot have both speakers and a Skype phone working?

If I have the Skype handset plugged into a USB slot then trying to play music, Youtube, whatever, plays through the phone only.

Unplug the phone and the same YouTube video sound comes through the speakers (just tested it).

So, err, why? And how do I get both working?

(Tech details, the speakers are working from the green plug on the back, the phone from A.N. USB slot).

Update> thanks for the suggestions below. Can\’t make any of them work mind….I wouldn\’t understand them if the operating system was in English and it\’s in Portuguese……for example>

\”Set the default audio playback device from the audio control panel, so the Windows bings, pings, and clicks go there. Check the windows help for how.\”

Sounds entirely sensible but I have no idea how to do that. Control panel, sound…gets me \”Altifalantes\”…..what?

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  1. It is going to vary slightly depending on which version of Windows you are operating. (I assume you are on 7). There will be a “sound” control panel. Within this you can choose which particular device is the audio input and output at any particular moment. You probably can’t use both at the same time.

  2. If you have more than one audio device, each program has to decide which to use. Since software is not psychic, most will say “use whatever is the default”, but many, where sound is a primary function, can also be set to use a particular device. For example media players and IP phones will usually let you do this.

    1. Leave the Skype handset plugged in.
    2. Set the default audio playback device from the audio control panel, so the Windows bings, pings, and clicks go there. Check the windows help for how.
    3. Go into Skype options and set the audio playback device you want. Check the Skype help for how to do this.
    4. Repeat step 3 for media players if you want. Check the help of that product.

    Now Skype will use the skype handset and other things will use whatever you asked for.

    If they reset when you unplug and plu in the device, probably what is happening is a piece of software you got with the handset is resetting the default audio playback device. Go into “programs and features” in control panel, locate it, and remove any software which came with the handset – it will be rubbish.

    The handset will almost certainly still work but will stop being annoying.

    (This is some usually good advice whenever you buy new hardware. Ignore the disk, and just plug it in. If it works, you are done. Usually the disk contains helper programs that don’t help you do anything useful, and aren’t actually required. The exception is fancy printers, when the advice is: Ignore the disk, get the drivers off the manufacturer’s website, because the disk is out of date by the time it reaches the shop.)

  3. Well, altifalantes is loudspeakers* (honestly, Tim, how long have you been living there without learning the lingo?). Didn’t the OS have a language option on installation?

    * it’s altoparlantes in Spanish

    Tim adds: well, yes, but I click on it and nothing happens. No, I really, really, do not understand computers. Or Portuguese.

  4. Yes… get a Mac. Using a PC with Windows on it is like trying to thread a needle when you’re wearing sheepskin mittens.

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