That Australian subeditor thing at the Telegraph

So, how\’s this working out then?

Charlie Brooks is appalled by the hypocrisy which forced a teacher to resign because she wanted her class to rear a pig, then auction its meat.

Not well really. For the story is about a teacher whose class raised a sheep and then sold the meat.

Britain has a new hero: Andrea Charman, who has been harassed into resigning as the head teacher of Lydd primary school in Kent.

Mrs Charman has been the victim, said her MP, Michael Howard, of a relentless \”campaign of vituperation [which] was started on the internet, and in particular on Facebook… which included threats of violence\”. Her crime? To have her pupils – from a farming community – rear a sheep called Marcus, whose meat would be auctioned to raise money to buy more animals. Even though the pupils voted for this plan themselves, enough of a fuss was raised that Mrs Charman felt obliged to step down.

It\’s the writer, Charlie Brooks, who raises and eats pigs, not the teacher.

2 thoughts on “That Australian subeditor thing at the Telegraph”

  1. Though I would never underestimate the ability of the self-righteous to find ways to practise petty tyranny, I can’t actually see what anyone would find wrong with this. It’s called farming, and without it we would starve. Learning about a practical matter in a practical way is called education, and is generally held to be a good thing.

  2. From other blogs I believe there were only three parents who objected to what had been agreed initially by the children. But they made such a noise that the gutless school authorites allowed their view to prevail and Mrs Charman left.

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