The Guardian: 5 years behind the times

Or perhaps, not five years behind the Times, but 5 years behind Google.

Zeitgeist is a visual record of what people are currently finding interesting on at the moment. While other bits of the site are curated by editors (like the front page, or individual sections) or metadata (like blogs, which display in reverse-chronological order), Zeitgeist is dynamic, powered by the attention of users, which is why we\’ve put this into the Community section.

Mmmm, hmmm,

Some people have also asked about the name Zeitgeist and wondered why we\’re using it. Zeitgeist is a German word which means \”spirit of the times\” and is commonly used to capture the cultural/intellectual mood and interests or sociocultural direction of a particular nation or group of people at a particular time – in our case, Guardian readers and site users.

Perhaps they don\’t know that Google Zeitgeist is what Google Trends used to be called?

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