The latest Compass Report

Contains this gem:

5. Volatility – many hedge funds thrive on instability
in the markets, whereas the national
interest lies in having stability.

Yes, very good, and it\’s by people thriving on instability, trading it, that we get stability.


3 thoughts on “The latest Compass Report”

  1. Indeed- and if stability were produced in the economy, then the hated hedge funds would wither and die. So if politicians gave up on the eye catching initiatives that everyone has to spend half their lives adjusting to the hedge funds would wither, and we’d all be able to put our time to more productive use.

  2. Medical profession in Doctors thrive on illness shock. Glaziers thrive on broken windows, therefore they cause them and we’d be better off without plummers.

    Yes, Compass are just ignorant teenagers issuing ‘reports’ on things they don’t understand. Speculators decrease, not increase volatility, as theory predicts and the evidence shows.

    In fact, hedge funds are perhaps the worst example Compass could have chosen. The definition of a hedge fund is one that ‘hedges’, i.e. spreads around risk. Which is better and more stable than having it in one area. It’s like pressure, not dog shit.

  3. What smart commentators you have here, Tim!

    So anyway, this whole financial intermediaries bringing stability thing–just remind me–how’s that going?

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