This is disturbingly persuasive


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  1. It will make very little difference how I vote; in my constituency, the Labour party could put up a brian-dead sewer-rat and he would still be elected (as indeed he has been on the past several occasions). I cannot, however, bring myself to be actively complicit in that process. The Conservative party has increasingly shown itself to be virtually indistinguishable, the Lab Dims are even more evil, and UKIP, quite apart from the atrocious display of authoritarianism in their recent “ban the burka” decision, have a senior representative who seems determined to give politics an even worse reputation than it already has. The Greens are constitutionally stupid, as are the BNP. If a Libertarian candidate were to stand, I would vote for him, but this is hugely unlikely.

    I regard voting not so much as a duty, but as a requirement if one intends to criticise the outcome. “Silence implies consent”, and I do not consent. Further, not to vote is to make light of the efforts of those who campaigned (and died) for our right to do so.

    I propose, therefore, to mark my paper “None of the above. Spoiled ballot.” This will have no electoral effect, but will, at least, relieve my conscience.

  2. Adam Collyer puts counter-arguments, at:

    Personally, I reckon anyone who really thinks that any political party’s interests are better served by purposefully planning to do worse in elections than they could, has a slate loose.

    Making recommendations to voters, based on one’s own political beliefs, is an entirely different matter.

    So, actually doubting slate-loose-iness in both Obnoxio and Dominic Lawson, it strikes me as much more likely that they want the Tories to loose or to have a hung parliament. That’s their right; they may believe it is in the country’s interests; but is laughable to claim that it is in the interests of the Tory Party.

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  3. The main problem with this approach is that your vote will be judged to be one in favour of yet more socialism (yes, it’s only one out of millions), rather than a rejection of the leftism of Cameron.

  4. It is only worth thinking about voting for Labour if you seriously think they couldn’t make our dismal situation any worse within the next five years.

    They could take us into the Euro. They want to do that.

    They could lobby for the admission of Turkey into the EU, and throw the doors open to unlimited Turkish migrants. They want to do that.

    They could build up such a substantial client base, that they would become un-vote-outable. Oh my, how they want to do that…

  5. Of course given another five years Labour could so improve the electoral process as to guarantee perpetual re-election. Since we have long since been disarmed that would leave us hoping for a military coup. Anyone know how libertarian the military are?
    Just vote for the least bad alternative presented- that way politicians will have some idea what their customers want, and like any businessmen will seek to provide it.

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