This\’ll be interesting

MILLIONAIRE philanthropist Matt Stockdale has launched an energy company to slash bills and cut out the middleman.

Not-for-profit At Cost Energy will buy gas and electricity direct from wholesalers and offer savings averaging £320 per year.

Give it a few years, then see what the price difference is.

A non-profit might have lower prices than for profit firms. Or the desire to make profits might lead to greater efficiency, meaning that the for profit firm both makes profits and offers lower prices.

There\’s no insistence, in either theory or practice, that it will work one way or the other.

Aren\’t we lusky that we live in a country with a market in forms of business organisation like this, that people can experiment and see which works in which industry, at which time, and with which management?

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  1. So, who will profit most? The Millionaire or the utility?
    As long as the millionaire buys from the utility at today’s price plus inflation, we do.
    But artificial inflation progressed by the utility will ultimately mean that the utility forces the Philanthropic Millionaire to not only buy at their set price but to absorb their costs of selling. i.e. they dictate the sale price and PM has no choice and incurs the resale price cost.

    Results all round, mine’s a G&T.


    p.s. Your link appears to to offer only your quote

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