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At The Register.

Manufacturing ain\’t shrunk. So how come everyone is saying that it has?

My thanks to Simon Fawthrop who did the graph: beer is owed.

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  1. Aye, see, I’ve read it already. Because one of my linkblogging friends got to it yesterday, he was that impressed with it.

    I did make the mistake of reading and trying to engage with the comments though, ye gods there are some obtuse people out there.

  2. national statistics and yes inflation adjusted.

    Looking at the data since 1948 to 2008 the value of manufacturing production has risen by 160%, and of the 14 sub-categories, the biggest rise has been a 11-fold increase in ‘chemicals and man-made fibres’ and an near 10-fold increase in ‘electrical and optical equipment’. ‘Rubber and plastics are up by over 4 times. Down are leather products, -72%, textiles, down 33%.

    since 1970 to 2009 it has been less good with a rise of 22% , chemicals and optical both remains the best, doubling.

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