Umm, really?

That was until Joslyn James, a porn star who claims to have been one of Woods’s 14 mistresses, suddenly recalled one more shred of scandal relating to her three-year affair with the golfer.

In an interview with Inside Edition, an American television programme, Ms James claimed today that she had twice been pregnant by Woods.

The claim is that no \”protection\” or contraception was used.

Which is interesting, for during this time Ms. James was working as a porn star. And American porn does not use (and if you didn\’t know this, please go find a teenage boy to ask) condoms or \”protection\”.

So what we\’re being asked to believe is that a woman who has sex professionally was not using any form of contraception while doing so.

That\’s, umm, unlikely, isn\’t it?

3 thoughts on “Umm, really?”

  1. Lord knows whether this has good provenance or not, but according to various reports on the interweb, her stepmother says Miss James has a rather tenuous grasp of what constitutes the truth.

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