We/I make the Spectator

Bishop Hill is mentioned here.

Or take a book published last month called The Hockey Stick Illusion by Andrew Montford, a rattling good detective story and a detailed and brilliant piece of science writing. Montford has never worked in the media. He is an accountant and science publisher who works from his home in Milnathort in Kinrossshire. He runs a blog called ‘Bishop Hill’.

Montford came to the subject in 2005 when he read a blog post by another amateur non-journalist named Tim Worstall, a scandium dealer who lives in Portugal (I am not making this up),

I had no idea I had anything at all to do with that.

And in 2005 I certainly was an amateur non-journalist. I\’m not all that sure I would say quite that now: after all, in the interim I\’ve been both hired and fired by the Speccie themselves….

8 thoughts on “We/I make the Spectator”

  1. “a scandium dealer who lives in Portugal (I am not making this up)”

    Makes you sound a bit shady Timmy, like some market stall Dell-boy who escaped into hiding in Portugal. Something like “metallurgy specialist” or “Lanthanides broker” would have sounded so much nicer.

  2. I’m with Monty on this; ‘a scandal dealer’…
    ‘Course a name like Monty suggests underarm watches and a Mackintosh lined with silk stockings.

    I do like to keep up.


  3. Bishop Hill was interviewed recently by Brian Micklethwait (see it on his blog) and he mentions your name and blog.

  4. Doesn’t “Andrew Montford” do the Scottish football commentary? No wonder he doesn’t believe in Global Warming.

  5. ScotsToryB:

    I can’t get you any silk stockings until the next war, and I usually like to wait until I’ve got a fairly full order-book before I start the next one. So it’ll be a few weeks.

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