A new fund allowing the Government to pay people who notify authorities about benefit cheats would be created under proposals being examined by Labour\’s manifesto team.

I see the point: there might be nothing better than to use the petty jealousies and gee them up with a bit of cash to get people informing about who is cheating the system.

However, it\’s all a bit East German isn\’t it? Inform on those who steal from the State and claim your reward in bananas and a holiday in a State sanatorium?

What might surprise some is that I do indeed worry about social cohesion: and I have a feeling that schemes like this might be the best argument in favour of a universal benefit like a citizen\’s basic income. Better to have a higher bill on a system that doesn\’t provide room for cheats than the snarling mass of lumpen proletariat sneaking on each other?

5 thoughts on “Well, yes”

  1. I’m somewhat more laid back about the scheme: rewards for catching criminals are nothing new. My concern is the same as yours: the real problem is means-tested benefits, and what this shows is where socialism always ends up, with having to get people to snitch on each other. If you think that’s a bad thing, then it’s the benefits model that’s wrong.

  2. Reminds me of a Red Dwarf episode.. abck to reality I think

    Vote Fascist for a Third Glorious Decade of Total Law Enforcement
    Be a Government Informer. Betray Your Family & Friends. Fabulous Prizes to be Won

  3. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    What’d be the reward for dobbing in an MP fiddling the expenses?

    Or a crooked copper?

  4. B,foD,

    On past performance, I’d say that it would probably be an unhealthy interest in your whereabouts and movements.

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