Well, yes….

I too was once a benefits cheat …

The truth about benefits scroungers is that they come in all shapes and sizes

Deborah Orr.

Why we should be surprised at this I\’m not sure. Don\’t most people assume that benefits cheats have a heroin addict in the family?

3 thoughts on “Well, yes….”

  1. “In reality though, ‘benefit cheats’ are rarely ‘bad people'”


    “Who would do that? Only, very often, a self-righteous little shit.”

    So call me a self-righteous little shit because I would shop a benefit cheat with out a second thought. It’s bad enough that they get my money “legitimately”.

  2. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    “In reality though, ‘benefit cheats’ are rarely ‘bad people’”

    Because Debby did it, and Debby can’t be a bad person.

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