Will Hutton really is a stain on society, isn\’t he?

Which is why David Cameron and George Osborne\’s attempt to revive a better Conservative tradition – liberal conservatism or red Toryism – is such a difficult and perilous project. They have to persuade their comrades that fairness matters; there is such a thing as society; market fundamentalism has screwed up; and there is no option but to use the state cleverly and purposefully to reform the broken structures of British capitalism.

It is a tough challenge because, apart from the odd tract, there is no canon of red Tory ideas from which to borrow. Liberal Conservatives don\’t have a John Rawls, Maynard Keynes, Joe Stiglitz, Amartya Sen or Michael Sandel to inform their thinking.

Liberal conservatism has no canon? There are none who might inform the thinking?

Wot? Adam Smith, JS Mill, David Ricardo, Friedrich Hayek, Alfred Marshall,  Schumpeter, Mises, Friedman, aren\’t enough to be getting on with?

Coase, Buchanan to give just a couple more Nobel Laureates?

What a miserable dribble of a weak effusion Hutton is.

2 thoughts on “Will Hutton really is a stain on society, isn\’t he?”

  1. Ricardo was a radical MP. Mill famously called the Tories the stupid party. Hayek wrote a long essay called “Why I am not a Conservative.”
    And Hutton is using the world “Liberal” in its silly American sense, to mean “lefty”.

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