Would you buy a used economic policy from these people?

Signatories to a letter in The Guardian.

Andrew Simms, Policy Director, nef

Ann Pettifor, author, The Coming First World Debt Crisis

Billy Hayes, General Secretary, CWU

Dave Prentis, General Secretary, UNISON

Gavin Hayes, General Secretary, Compass

Neal Lawson, Chair, Compass

Prof Gregor Gall, Universityof Hertfordshire

Prof Prem Sikka, EssexBusinessSchool

Richard Murphy, Tax Justice Network UK

Stewart Lansley, author, Rich Britain: The Rise and Rise of the New Super-Wealthy

Sunny Hundal, Liberal Conspiracy

Will Straw, Liberal Conspiracy (eh?)

Michael Meacher MP

Sam Tarry, Chair, Young Labour

(There are a number of names I\’ve left out of course.)

11 thoughts on “Would you buy a used economic policy from these people?”

  1. In his defence, Dave Prentis probably hasn’t read it. (Too many long words.)

    And Sally Ruane can’t even spell the name of her university.

  2. There’s that term popping up again: “socially useful”.

    Surely “socially useful” is whatever market participants decide it is! I don’t expect this list of “socially useless” to understand that, however.

  3. More seriously, they’ve invoked Glass-Steagall, so they’re obviously aware of the investment / retail diversification, yet they’ve not bothered to mention that the division getting the bonus is not the one that made the loss. If the two divisions had been separated, the retail arm would still have “needed” state bail-out, and the investment arm would still have made robust profits.

  4. I don’t care what their names are, the route they travel to work, or where they buy green groceries.

    I love the definition of socially useful above. Mass government intervention in markets is thus “socially useful” as long as it is a direct transfer to financial speculators.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Newmania – “Oh my days Sunny Hundal , he is always signing things in the Guardian .Its really the renta -mob of the 70s in virtual and printed form”

    What has Hundal ever done? I really don’t get it. He hasn’t been on Big Brother or one of these TV reality shows has he? How does that make any less pointless than that tart whose now knocked up by some footballer after having her tits done? I don’t understand why people ask him to sign things much less write them. Why does he get the attention he does? Is he like those people who crashed Obama’s party but much more successful – that is, he is always signing things so people ask him to sign things.

    Because all I can see he has ever done is run a blog that virtually no one reads. Just a small group of refugees from CiF.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Still it does have one useful side effect – it gives a good indication of which Business Schools offer a degree that is probably wealth-reducing in the long run, to whit:

    Geoffrey Hodgson, Research Professor of Business Studies, University of Hertfordshire, UK

    Prof Hugh Willmott, CardiffBusinessSchool

    Prof Karel Williams, ManchesterBusinessSchool

    Prof Malcolm Sawyer, LeedsUniversityBusinessSchool

    Prof Martin Parkker, Schoolof Management,. Universityof Leicester

    Prof Peter Case, BristolBusinessSchool

    Prof Prem Sikka, EssexBusinessSchool

    Prof Stefano Harney, Schoolof Business& Management, QMUL

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