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A note on Britain today

A PUB landlord who was jailed for defying the smoking ban says he was allowed to light up in his cell.

Nick Hogan, 43, claims he was even given tobacco, cigarette papers and matches by prison officers.

He got six months after refusing to pay fines for flouting the 2007 ban.

And he was stunned to be given cigs by staff at Forest Bank jail, Manchester.

Interesting country really. You can smoke in a jail cell but not in a pub.

Heck, you can smoke in the jail cell to which you are sentenced for allowing people to smoke in a pub.

There\’s just some nagging little voice at the back of my head insisting that this isn\’t quite right, you know?

7 thoughts on “A note on Britain today”

  1. The entire smoking ban/prohbition is a complete joke and a total waste of time……meanwhile 30 million people out of work due to smoking bans worldwide keep their hand out to the world govmnts for food and subsitance that caused their job losses to start with…….your right,somethings just not right about this.

  2. Furtherly odd….The inmates are allowed to smoke in gaol, as it is their home but the staff are not, as it is their place of work.

  3. There is a lovely sign near the door of a pub in Greenwich which says approximately.

    “Smokers, finish your cigarettes and use this ashtray, as it is illegal to smoke inside.
    “Drinkers, leave your drinks here, as it is illegal to drink alcohol outside.”

  4. Careful Tim, we read about this and think that the fair thing to do would be to allow law abiding people to smoke indoors if the owner permits it, but of course the bansturbationists read it and think the way to solve the hypocrisy is just to ban smoking in prisons.

  5. Heck, you can smoke in the jail cell to which you are sentenced for allowing people to smoke in a pub.

    I remember watching a programme on a high-security US jail. Smoking was forbidden, and so the prisoners went to extraordinary lengths to have a quiet fag. Baccy filtered through from the gangs; rizlas too, though, if one couldn’t be found, they used little twists of paper. Sparks had to be conjured up from intricate methods of friction and light, while the smoke itself was carefully directed into an air vent.

    I’ve always ranked it, alongside Touching The Void, as a wonderful example of human perseverance and resolve.

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