A small note to Julie Bindel

Johanna Sigurðardottir is Iceland\’s first female and the world\’s first openly lesbian head of state.

Err, no. She\’s the Prime Minister, not the head of state.

The head of state is the President, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson.

As to the larger point:

There is also public support: the ban on commercial sexual activity is not only supported by feminists but also much of the population. A 2007 poll found that 82% of women and 57% of men support the criminalisation of paying for sex – either in brothels or lapdance clubs – and fewer than 10% of Icelanders were opposed.

I will admit to finding it odd that someone with somewhat unconventional sexual tastes, tastes which have been legally and or socially banned in many places and times, supports the use of the tyranny of the majority in banning certain unconventional sexual tastes.

Or is this just evidence of my masculinity, this demand for logical consistency? That freedom from societal imposition of sexual mores should mean just that, freedom from societal imposition of sexual mores? That if consensual buggery, consensual sodomy, consensual tipping the velvet, consensual polyamory, consensual fornication, are all matters of personal taste and no matter for the law then why isn\’t consensual commercialisation?

5 thoughts on “A small note to Julie Bindel”

  1. Many people are inconsistent in their standards because, I suspect, they have no actual rational basis for them, merely partially-formalized instincts. Thus we have people who assert that discrimination against, say, homosexuals is wrong so we must force hoteliers to admit them.

    In this case, we have the partially-formalized instinct that sex – of whatever flavour – should be an act of love. Homosexual sex can be so, but commercial sex cannot.

    I assume there is also the notion that prostitutes are unwilling victims, thus that commercial sex is not consensual.

  2. What Ian Bennett says.

    This is why Cameron made such a bad fist of his Gay Pride interview the other day. He appears to have NO ideological basis for his stance on almost anything, unless your ideology is “get voted in so I can have power”.

    When the interview went off piste, he was floundering. He had no pre-prepared soundbite and could not map the scenario to any form of general framework.

    p.s. the only crime the B&B’ers should be charged with is misrepresentation in regard to the Sale of Goods Act or whatever it is these days. I expect them to be left hanging for months, ruining their health, making them suffer. Any charge of Homophobia should be thrown out, as their acts are not irrational, for the use of one’s own private property is not for another to judge as being rational or not.

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