A small thought

We get lots of stuff from various woo merchants about electrosensitivity.

You know the stuff, peoples\’ WiFi networks are making them ill.

Those wind farms….those great big magnets will create electro-magnetic turbulence (hey, don\’t ask me to be accurate about this, we are talking woo after all).

So, do we have anyone complaining about that? Or are windmills by definition green and good therefore the green types who complain about electro-magnetic pollution won\’t complain about them?

4 thoughts on “A small thought”

  1. I suspect you could complain if you had one in your garden, or your next door neighbour’s – but this would be about having a huge ugly wind turbine in the garden, not about EMF effects.

    Lots of the bollocks arguments are about power lines which run at a much higher voltage than wind turbines – so, given that distance from the ground is of the same order, field strengths are higher (and that is assuming that you have the turbine field emissions at 50 / 60 Hz – rather than the few or sub-Hz that I expect would be dominant.)

    Most of the rest are about microwave radiation – your wifi, mobile phone etc – completely different speculative damage profile.

    As for little Cameroonian home installations? Well, we have this horrid copper wiring carrying dangerous (yes, it is – touch the live wire with your tongue if you don’t believe me 🙂 ) electrickery stuff all around anyway – the (minimal) effects would be lower than that.

    Just because they are generally speaking [email protected], doesn’t mean we should abandon common sense and reason. Although I would quite happily abandon knowing the maths that underlies the above comments.

  2. Knowing your average greenie and their actual levels of scientific understanding they probably don’t realise windchimes are generators with effoff big magnets inside. Indeed some of the greenies of my ken most likely believe in wind pixies or something.

    Like Mr Evil I think the whole electro-magnetic thing is bulldust but it might be fun to get a co-operative man in a white coat to write a paper and see just how far the scare could be promoted.

    Petard hoisting is sooooooo much fun.

  3. Wind turbines cause severe headaches to people who have to live withing earshot of the bloody awful racket they make.

  4. Monty, if a wind turbine makes noise, then at least it is working. Serious wind turbines require planning permission and they are not generally constructed next to anyone’s house. The B&Q/Cameron turbine does not produce worthwhile energy, and is an eyesore and distraction from serious alternative energy schemes.

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