About right for an nef report

Well it’s certainly an interesting argument in that it impressively straddles – and exquisitely so! – the line between stupitidy and balls to the wall roaring insanity.

6 thoughts on “About right for an nef report”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    As I have remarked before, I could easily support myself on a twenty-one hour working week; indeed I do, as the earnings of the other sixteen and a half hours are stolen by the government.

    So abolish the government, and voila…

  2. I thought that we already had one. Half of us are working 40+ hours a week and the other half are sitting on their arses doing bugger-all.

  3. A good single days work for many entrepreneurs, particularly when travelling abroad making export sales. However, I fear a 21 hour week for doctors, dentists and those in society who actually make things happen will simply lengthen waiting lists and increase overall costs to the taxpayer.

  4. They don’t actually claim it will reduce unemployment. However, this quote certainly implies that it will. Therefore, it qualifies as ‘ the lump of labour fallacy ‘.

    ‘A new, much shorter, ‘standard’ working week would provide an opportunity to spread paid and unpaid time more evenly across the population. That way, more people would have a chance not only to earn a living…’

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