Australian political news

Interesting place Oz:

Either way, it was a touchingly non-parochial of Rann to advertise another state\’s brew.

When an Australian politician rinks a beer brewed out of state it makes the newspapers.

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  1. When we lived in South Australia we thought that the jokes about Vics were just teasing. It then turned out that they weren’t. Mark you, all South Australians seemed to refer to the other states as the “Convict States”. In Queensland it was more focussed – it was NSW they especially despised.

  2. Interstate rivalry is big here – but because there is so little difference on any substantive grounds given that the Federal Govt funds almost everything and the states just do service delivery, it shows up in sport and beer…oh and the ongoing rivalry for cultural capital between Melbourne and Sydney.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    What on Earth were you doing living in South Australia Dearieme?

    I think that as mind boggling as this story is (and I have drunk both Cooper’s and James Boag, with a slight preference for Cooper’s more interesting efforts at doing a proper dark beer) I also think TW missed the really mind boggling story here:

    “So we checked with The Monthly editor Ben Naparstek, who informed us: “Yes, Germaine Greer was paid $23,518.74 for an extremely long (unpublishable) article on Bangladesh and substantial international travel expenses.””

    Germaine Greer was paid what must be close to the average Australian income for a useless article on Bangladesh? By a small Australian magazine that I have never heard of.

    What the f**k?

    The sooner the dead wood media is dead, the better.

  4. “Media superstar gets enormous sums for old rope by people who want to cash in on their fame” isn’t news (and in terms of Australian culture, haha etc, Greer is a media superstar). The only surprising thing is that the magazine had the integrity to not publish the article once they found out it was crap…

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