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With basic pay of £19,000 a year, Ms Parks can expect to take home £2,000 a month once allowances for overnight stays and antisocial hours are taken into account.

Those allowances for overnight stays aren\’t the hotel bills you understand: they\’re the cash paid to compensate for having to stay in a hotel.

But 24,000 a year take home is pretty good money you know. Well above median wage. Not going to try and do the calculation but over £30 k pre tax certainly, maybe over £35 k. Top 25% of the wage distribution?

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  1. “the cash paid to compensate for having to stay in a hotel”

    Many years ago (1974-ish), in my first job, some of my co-workers needed to visit another plant in Essex (our base was in County Durham). Accomodation and meals were provided, and an additional allowance – referred to as “beer and skittles money” – was also paid. I think it was about a fiver per night, as was regarded as a good perk.

    If I need to work away from home now (with a different company, I should add), my hotel is provided (B & B) plus an allowance per night of £30 total for meals and drinks.

  2. Under current HMRC rules, you are allowed to claim up to £5 “Personal Incidental Expenses” in the UK and £10 if you are abroad. It used to buy me a book to read with dinner …

  3. If you work for British Airways or Revenue & Customs and have been on strike this week, next time you see a soldier who’s returned from Afghanistan make sure you tell him/her about your awful working conditions, poor uniform and low pay!! let me know how you get on…..

  4. i think ba is going to loose lot of bussiness by striking and reputation lots of bussiness strugling to make ends meet again union i think cabin crew they earn enough if they not satisfy they can move to other flight why dont they do so

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