Bloody hell

Even the Telegraph is getting this wrong.

The peer, who is the Conservative deputy chairman, admitted earlier this week that he was non-domiciled and therefore only paid tax on his British assets.

As we don\’t have asset based taxation no he bloody doesn\’t.

He pays tax on his income in the UK plus any income that he brings into the UK.

Jesus, it\’s not that damn hard to understand is it?

Dennis Skinner, the Labour MP, said: “If someone is not paying taxes and giving money to the Tory party all over Britain, then in essence the British taxpayer is bankrolling the Conservative Party.”

Unions don\’t pay tax you know Dennis…..

4 thoughts on “Bloody hell”

  1. The Pedant-General

    And MUCH more importantly, taxpayers aren’t paying any money to Lord Ashcroft.

    Tax not paid by someone does NOT equal money paid to that person. It just doesn’t. Very especially if that person has obeyed the extensive volume of tax law in such a way that the tax apparently not paid is in fact taxed not actually owed.

  2. bless the sainted Dennis “I need tax-payers to pay for an expensive pull-out bed” Skinner

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