Brendan Barbor on gender segregation

One of the points that we economically rational people keep trying to make is that at least part of the gender pay gap comes from the fact that men and women (on average of course) seek different things from their jobs. Women might value flexibility over simple pay for example.

Women often work in the public sector because it offers relatively secure work, flexible working patterns and a chance to build up a decent income in retirement. The gender pay gap is smaller and the public sector offers more opportunities to combine a proper career with caring responsibilities.

Oh look, the head of the TUC agrees with us.

So, could we please have a little less of this \”it\’s all caused by discrimination\” please?

3 thoughts on “Brendan Barbor on gender segregation”

  1. Women pay the same for their pension rights as men, yet get more for their money. Does the analysis of the gender gap ever take post-retirement benefits into account?

  2. How many “proper careers” operate in an environment where one can maintain “caring responsibilities”?

    Part of the meme “career” is that one dedicates time to it, putting it before personal life. Otherwise it is better described as “employment” or “job”, not “career”, which implies an unrelenting, continuous vector.

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