Competition Time!

For there lived an extraordinary contraption, a testament to the Prince’s insatiable lust and to his immense corpulence.

Known romantically as a ‘siege d’amour’, or love-seat, this chair allowed the distinctly unathletic Bertie to have his way with two women simultaneously, all with the minimum of effort.

Rightie ho. And there\’s a photo of it.

All of which explains why the corpulent Prince found lovemaking rather more energetic
than he might wish — and why he resorted to using the siege d’amour to fulfil his lust.

The way in which Bertie used the chair has been lost in the mists of time. Now owned by the Soubrier furniture-making family, who originally custom-built the chair for Bertie, it has never been on public display.

So, the competition is, to try and work out how it was in fact used. I am obviously far too innocent as I can\’t work it out at all.

5 thoughts on “Competition Time!”

  1. I’m guessing he was knelt on the left hand side, with one woman lying on the bottom half whilst woman number 2 perches precariously on the top.

    Or at least that’s how I’d try to work it.

  2. This troilisme interpretation is surely wide of the mark (ooh missus).The heavy man rests his weight on top and one woman(at a time) lies beneath without being crushed to death by the male torso.
    There is a film of this Prince of Wales getting on a horse (” mounting” not the mot juste for obvious reasons).The horse ,a no lightweight hunter ,visibly sags under his weight, literally staggered .

  3. 1. Bertie lies on the bottom with second person squatting or standing on the footplates and third person laid on the top bit. He gets an eyeful while two others enjoy themselves.

    2. Woman on the top with Bertie on the footplates, with the handles so he can support himself without squashing his companion. Being a hefty chap he might have had a bad back and wanted something to support himself without having to lean forward.

  4. HRH standing in the lower footplates facing to the right and using the horns to support and for leverage.

    Lady 1 on the upper section, on her back, head at the right hand side and feet in the stirrups or even ankles around the horns.

    Second lady on the lower padding on all fours facing to the left or alternatively facing right to give an alternate for HRH.

    Well, at least that is how mine works (boom boom)

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