Dog whistle over unions!

OK, the report itself is obviously true. Unions get taxpayers\’ money fed to them through the government, unions then donate large sums to the Labour Party which happens to be the peeps in charge of government.

A gross and vile corruption of the body politic.

It\’s illustrated with a picture of a man in a flat cap. Bringing (to my perhaps perverted mind of course) immediate linkages with dour northerners, ecky thump, beer and sandwiches and strikes at the whippet flange factory.

Dog whistles aren\’t only about racism you know.

6 thoughts on “Dog whistle over unions!”

  1. Mr Brown announced increased funding for the scheme at the TUC conference in September 2007, just months after he became Prime Minister, calling it “the biggest transformation of trades unions since the growth of the shop steward movement”.

    But details of where the money goes are not published while annual evaluation reports ceased several years ago.

    How could that be? Richard Murphy advises TUC on these issues. Is TUC considered a secrecy jurisdiction?

  2. Not so much of the “dour northeners” please.

    Just because the sense of humour is faster than anything the southerners can keep up with – I suppose those liuving south of a line from Birmingham to the Wash can’t keep up.

    As to the spending of the govt bunce to the unions – Maybe an FoI is in order?

  3. Mr.remittance man, …try as i might i cant find your new blog,i keep getting redirected to old blogs.Even the link on your post takes me back to it.Please post the NEW link….

  4. But who is blowing the dog whistle? Is it the public schoolboy wearing a flat cap and pretending to be a worker? Or is those publishing the picture, hoping he’ll appear uneducated? Or both?

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