Explaining the public sector

Yes, we all know it\’s damn near impossible to get fired from it but:

Hiring someone in the prison service involves grinding through a gruelling 39 steps. The National Audit Office found that at HM Revenue & Customs it typically took 212 days to hire someone.

That\’s absurd.

4 thoughts on “Explaining the public sector”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    “people in the public sector aren’t happy”

    They know, deep down, in their hearts, that they are valueless vermin.

  2. It’s like this in the oil and gas business:

    1 day to receive and read your CV and decide to interview you
    6 months of them getting around to doing so
    1 day to interview you
    3 months of them getting back to you
    2-3 days to thrash out the T&Cs

    Inevitably, the first thing said to you on your first day by half a dozen people is “It’s a pity you weren’t on board 6 months ago, we could have really used you back then…”

  3. Given the apparent quality of the people they do employ, would that they would take twice as long, or more.

    The country might even grind to a full recovery while they were at it.

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