How very Guardian

Selling sex should be legal, buying it illegal.

Why not just make both legal between consenting adults?

9 thoughts on “How very Guardian”

  1. The principle of consent between adults is alien to the Guardianista mindset. For them, life is one big kiddie’s bouncy castle.

  2. As Clive James said many years ago, there will always be prostitution and in attempting to ban it you may as well draw up laws against the sea.

  3. There is even prostitution in countries where the penalties involve a large moustachioed man and a sharp sword (Fnarr)

    Puritans eveywhere, submit to the harsh reality.

  4. In Grauniad world the proles arent allowed to choose. The Righteous choose for them. S’obivous, innit?

  5. I think it disgusting that well meaning intelligent men and women should be compelled to write such offensive nonsense. Clearly the Guardian management are an evil lot to do this to their employees.
    We do not wish to put further upon the poor benighted journalists, so lets make it illegal to buy the rag.
    We must ignore any protests from Guardian workers to the effect that they just want to be left alone to do their jobs- such protests would simply amplify the evidence that they are controlled by evil men.
    We look forward to the day when they can all be freed to follow their true vocation and sort through rubbish at their recycling centre.

  6. Ian, “Because (in Guardian-World) the sellers are always victims, the buyers always victimisers.”

    Nope (think about the case where the seller was an evil big business). What matter is whether you are part of a designated victim group, in this case it’s men vs. (vulnerable, poor) women so women are the designated victims.

  7. in this case it’s men vs. (vulnerable, poor) women so women are the designated victims.

    What even the ones whose websites show them wearing interesting leather outfits and promise us that Nanny Whip is well versed in administering painful punishment to naughty boys?

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