In which we learn Norwegian

I\’ve said this before but why not again?

Norwegian* has a lovely word, \”utepils\”.

It\’s that first beer outside of the spring. The first time that you can, without it being as cold as a witches tit, or perhaps more appropriately, as cold as a broomstick ventilated gusset, sit outside and actually enjoy a beer or two.

No, it\’s not particularly time change related. Just that this year, down here (here out west perhaps?) today was indeed the day.

I have utepilsed this year, have you?

*Norwegian also has another lovely word, jentelus (which now completes my knowledge of the language, all two words) which is analagous to the American \”cooties\” but for which there seems to be no English English equivalent.

8 thoughts on “In which we learn Norwegian”

  1. Actually utepils is any beer enjoyed outside a cafe/restaurant but of course it tastes better this time of beer.
    The enjoyment is further increased as the female half of the population change their dresscode in response to the change in weather…

  2. And jentelus literally means “girlie lice”. “Cooties” are a better translation, kind of….

  3. The English word is “nits”, as in “you’ve got nits”, meaning head lice, and being the exact translation of “cooties”.

    Nit-pickers will try to tell you that nits are the eggs, not the louse itself.

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