Indeterminate sentences

Welcome to the modern world Mr. Kafka!

The report said the probation system lacks the resources to deal with the thousands of prisoners on Indeterminate Sentences for Public Protection (IPP), who now make up one in fifteen of the total prison population.

Indeterminate sentences were introduced in 2005 for the most dangerous offenders.

In theory they would not be released until they had completed courses aimed at reforming them and proved they were safe to be back in society.

We\’ve a modern twist!

We\’ll tell you what the crime was these days, even try you for it. But once found guilty, we won\’t tell you how long you\’re going to be locked up for!

In fact, we\’ll tell you that you will be locked up until you\’ve gone through various treatments and counselling sessions.

Then we\’ll not give you any treatment or counselling sessions!

Ain\’t that cute?

To be honest with you I cannot see why this isn\’t the most horrendous breach of civil rights. Locked up, the duration being at the pleasure of the bureaucracy?

4 thoughts on “Indeterminate sentences”

  1. Please see my blog post about this utterly indefensible and inhuman system, at
    and in particular glance through the 102 (so far) comments on it, some of which illustrate the misery and distress that IPPs cause, not only to those serving indeterminate sentences — often for quite minor offences — but also for their wives, parents, siblings and girl-friends (yes, the vast majority of IPPers are men).

    The whole country should be up in arms about this outrageous breach of elementary human rights. Yet hardly anyone is even aware of it, apart from its victims.


  2. It’s not one bit cute! I know someone who got an Indeterminate sentence with 18 months tariff and he is still lounging in prison after 4 years! No courses available, probation prefer him there they don’t have to supervise him! Parole Boards are running months behind – so no hope. Everyone involved so distressed they are sometimes unable to function and prisoner himself has given up as he has no idea if or when he will be released. We are told it is not a breach of human rights locking someone up for years without a release date but would love to hear from someone who knows better.

  3. i think the goverment should be bloddy put to prison with ipp and see how there family like wot were are going thought my brother is in prison with that ipp hanging over his heard i hope some one has a hart to look at this ipp to help ppl get there lifes back ever one should have a chance in life

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