Life means life

Much as people don\’t believe it a life sentence does in fact mean that. Murder someone and you might only serve a few years, this is true, but the life sentence ios always there in the background.

Breach the licence conditions and you\’ll be back in jail, no trial, no court and no lawyer to save you:

Venables, who was 10 at the time of the attack, was released in 2001 but was recalled to jail last month for breaching the conditions of his parole…….The Justice Secretary and the Home Secretary appeared in dispute over the case of Jon Venables, who was recalled to prison for a probation breach nine years after the Parole Board decided he was no longer a threat.

Maybe this is right and maybe this is wrong, that\’s another matter, but it just isn\’t true that the average sentence for murder is the 11 years (or whatever it is) that is served on average. The average time served might be, but the sentence is screw up in any manner we don\’t like and you\’ll be back in again to serve the rest of that life sentence.

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  1. But one of the purposes of the life sentence is that the public would be protected for the lifetime of the murderer. Given that this is not the case – although our Ministry of (what passes for) Justice is characteristically reticent about the details – surely the person responsible for releasing this sub-human filth onto the streets should also carry some responsibility for his most recent crime.

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