Who could Ritchie be thinking of?

But let me also say why hgis wish may at present be forlorn. Step outside the accepted paradigm and I can assure you the whispering campaign against you is very powerful and very strong indeed.

I know. I’m well aware of the whispering campaign against me from big business, vested interests in academia and more besides.

10 thoughts on “My word”

  1. Whispering?!

    Google “Richard Murphy” and a Raggin’ on Ritchie post appears on the first page.

  2. The worst thing about that is that I am sure *Jenkins* (not Ritchie) is probably intelligent and receptive enough to be persuaded that the real interests of the “left” lie in rea libertarianism. That nobody else is going to get rid of the crony capitalism, that the likes of Ritchie and Cruddas’s solutions of more government intervention are merely recipes for further privileged inequities.

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  4. The Great Simpleton

    If he thinks you are whispering perhaps he needs to see his doctor and get his ears tested. In the meantime I have a megaphone you can borrow, or maybe you could type in capitals when addressing him.

  5. But Tim, Ritchie acknowledges you as his biggest fan and #1 cheerleader. I can see a friendship blossoming.

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